The Ambassador Programme is a free, impartial service that can help transform great ideas into successful meetings that will have a lasting impact. Each year we will choose a selection of ambassadors who have made an extraordinary endeavour for the region, and these receive an award.

What you will gain?

  • Raise the profile of your work amongst your peers, nationally and internationally
  • Be recognised as a leader in your field of expertise
  • Establish a platform for research projects and international collaboration
  • Generate positive economic benefits for the Stavanger region

Benefits of hosting a conference in the Stavanger region

  • Excellent event and conference support services
  • A comprehensive range of meeting and accommodation facilities
  • Easy access
  • A wealth of opportunities for pre and post-conference and event tours
  • A compact, friendly and vibrant region

Benefits at a local level

  • Raise the profile of your area of research among your peers
  • Profiling Norwegian expertise at a national and international level
  • Career development and professional enhancement
  • City recognition for your conference
  • Possible financial support for example welcome reception for delegates

Benefits at the national and international level

  • Raising awareness of your research at a national and international level
  • Opportunity to raise public awareness of your research locally and nationally
  • Opportunity for research and commercialisation opportunities
  • International collaboration opportunities