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Travel news and press releases from the Stavanger region, Edge of Norway. 

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To personer hopper i havet fra sauna

A dip in the sea followed by a steamy sauna at Damp Sauna.

Filming in the Stavanger region

Information about filming in the region in the following municipalities: Kvitsøy, Randaberg, Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Gjesdal, Klepp Time, Hå, Bjerkreim, Eigersund, Lund, Sokndal and Sirdal. The region encompasses the following areas: Jæren, Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, the Ryfylke islands, the Lysefjord, Preikestolen and Kjerag

Filming permissions

Photography and film shooting in streets, open squares and along the main road in the region for tourist promotion is permitted with no special authorisations. 

Questions regarding film locations and permits:

Gunhild Vevik Gunhild.vevik@regionstavanger.comContact information to the implicated authorities is given on request. Please look at our video collection from campaigns and promotions for inspiration.

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Personer på båttur med fjord- og fjellutsikt

A fjord cruise to the stunning Lysefjord with Rødne Fjord Cruise is a must on media trip to the region.

Media Inquiries

Region Stavanger, Edge of Norway's, PR team is at your service. We are happy to showcase attractions and experiences in the region, further assist you with story ideas, connect you with storytellers, set up interviews, and give general information for press news and features about the cities and the region.

Media Support

International and domestic press are welcome to visit the region to explore and learn more about the area as a tourist destination. We collaborate with Fjord Norway and Visit Norway on several projects. We will in some cases be able to cover part of the ground handling for media coming to the region to produce stories. Due to a limited budget each year, we cannot support every press visit.

En familie med to voksne og tre barn tar bilde fra toppen av Preikestolen med fjord i bakgrunnen

A selfie from the top of the world! Preikestolen, Lysefjorden.

Press photos and videos

Explore inspiring images and videos from the Stavanger region in our image library.

Please note that the pictures in Region Stavanger's image library are only allowed to be used for marketing and promotion of the Stavanger region. They can only be used by tourism-related businesses; promoters and the press. The image library aims to promote national and international marketing of the Stavanger region as a destination. Any use of images in line with this objective is free for use. 


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