We proudly present the Region Stavanger ambassadors for 2015

Anders Tranberg – University of Stavanger, Strong and Weak Electro Matter 2016.

The ambassador is linked to the Faculty of Science and Technology, at the University of Stavanger, as a Professor at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The ambassador has his master's degree in physics from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, his doctorate from the University of Amsterdam and his post-doc from Cambridge, among others. Since 2013, he has been associated with the University of Stavanger as Professor. The International Conference on Strong and Electroweak Matter was held in 2016, and the local organising committee has confirmed a number of speakers from prestigious institutions around the world.

Helene Døscher – Norwegian Blood Association, European Haemophilia Consortium Congress 2016

In line with his duties and his international network, the ambassador has received an important and large event for the Stavanger region. The ambassador is a social economist from NTNU and has worked for a number of companies and organisations in Rogaland, in both the public and private sectors, in business development, management and communication. The conference she has arranged for Stavanger has never been held in Norway, and she has worked for several years to get it here in competition with other cities and destinations. She lives and works in Eigersund, but leads the national association for Bleeders in Norway. The Annual European Haemophilia Consortium has never been held in Norway and has around 400 visiting delegates.

Ivar Rusdal - Nordic Edge Expo

The ambassador is a Jærsk European, possibly a European Jærbu! The person has a science degree from the University of Oslo, and extensive experience in management positions and board positions at local, national and international levels. The event he fronts represents new business opportunities and new industries, within technology. The event was initiated by a group of players such as Lyse, Greater Stavanger, Region Stavanger, Stavanger municipality, Stavanger Forum and others, and an annual fixed event was established with several hundred participants and a large exhibition. Nordic Edge Expo, as the event is called, will become part of the future Stavanger - as a key event in the Forum area.

Kjell Madland – Norway Chess

The ambassador has built up one of the world's biggest super tournaments with a world champion as supporter and frontman. The event has a wide international audience and puts Norway and the Stavanger region on the world map. The ambassador focuses on developing new talent by organising school tournaments and training teachers. The event has contributed to an explosion of interest in the sport. The ambassador makes unconventional moves by using cool new venues, such as Flor & Fjære, industrial companies in Jæren and most recently Utstein Kloster, to name a few. A professional conference was held in 2014, which the ambassador is now developing with new strength into an international annual professional conference. The ambassador has developed Norway Chess to become one of the world's strongest super tournaments.

Roy Hegreberg – Tour des Fjords

The ambassador has built up a regional one-day event (Rogaland Grand Prix) to become an internationally prestigious event with great ambitions for the whole of Western Norway. The event has risen in ranking on the international lists of the International Cycling Confederation (ICU), is rooted in local sports where there is a great focus on talent development, and they work to ensure that this should be for everyone, with a children's event, folk festival and a separate event also for the everyday Norwegian (Tour des Fjords Classic). The event puts Norway on the world map as a sports destination, is one of the major investments of TV2 and Eurosport, and is well involved in the national opening of the season. The ambassador is a former athlete himself, and has a strong position in the community, both as sports director in his club and as general manager of the Tour des Fjords cycle race.

Tore Kramer – Stavanger Surf Club, EuroSurf 2017 og 2018

The ambassador is a former professional athlete who, throughout his international sports career, has had a dream of bringing international surf championships to Norway. In collaboration with Region Stavanger, the ambassador convinced the European association that the Stavanger region and Jæren are the right places to organise championships. The ambassador organises annual championships and helps put a somewhat different part of the region on the international map. He has contributed to the mobilization of his association and is today the leader of Norway Surf Club, and leader of Stavanger Surf Club and won the international championships Eurosurf 2017, which is the European Championship in surfing, and Eurosurf Junior 2018 for the region.