We proudly present the Region Stavanger ambassadors for 2012

Arild Sandstøl - Rogaland Police Chamber/Police Association

Arild was a driving force to have the Police associations’ national meeting added to the Stavanger region. Arild is a previous athlete, and still extremely interested in sports, health and competition. From Sandnes, but a Bryne patriot! Travel with 3 children, who, just like him, are active in sports. Extremely outgoing, social and has a huge network, he knows everyone and if not he gets to know them! Cycled to an incredibly strong 2:44 at the Nordsjørittet, where he measured himself with a 99% heart rate! He is a leader because he takes responsibility and works for the community, very good values that also explain why he works where he works, i.e. in the Police.

Helge Lorentzen, SAFER, Society in Europe for Simulation applied in Medicine-conference 2012 Organised the world congress SESAM

Helge leads a worldwide network where he is President. He worked for the international SAFER centre at Eiganes, Stavanger Acute Medicine Foundation for Education and Research, founded by SUS, UiS and Laerdal Medical. He is known as curious, open and unconventional in his field.

Inger Anda - Ptil, International Regulators Forum Global Safety Offshore Summit Conference 2011

Inger Anda excels at being clear and concise in all communication. With a background as a teacher, journalist and in the advertising industry. Very determined in the national media when it comes to health, environment, and safety. Known for having a temper! (necessary when you have to put multi-national industrial groups in place!). Works as female press spokesperson for the Petroleum Safety Authority.

Jarle Øversveen – The main rescue Centre, South-Norway Sola, Nordred 2012

Stein Solberg - The main rescue Centre, South-Norway Sola, IJMR 2012

Jarle and Stein are Norway's representatives in several important networks and work daily with international security policy operations. They know Norway's military commitments to air and water well. Manages complex rescue operations from its headquarters, informs the press, and controls emergency telephones. Leads rescue operations at sea and in the mountains in Norway, but also in large parts of the world! They are both immigrants, but great patriots of our city and region. Active at sea when they have time off, the shore around Stavanger is the favourite! Have had several international meetings added to Norway and Stavanger:

• The International Maritime Organisation,

• JWG-SAR Meeting

• The joint Nordic rescue community NORDRED to add meetings to Stavanger

We are talking about the Main Rescue Centre in Southern Norway at Sola, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2010. HRS is under the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness, a shining example of a very international and extremely competent professional environment in our region, which sets standards abroad and receives awards for its work.