We proudly present the Region Stavanger ambassadors for 2020

  • Rune Veenstra, Sola municipality + Kjetil Galta Aero Norway, Aero Engines Europe, 2020, Aero Norway, Aero Engines Europe, 2020

Aero Engines Europe is an annual conference, and in 2020 held in Stavanger at the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel. The conference brings together the most important global business leaders in aircraft engine production and maintenance to exchange information, present new technology and discuss future market developments. The driving force behind the conference has been Rune Veenstra and Kjetil Galta from Aero Norway, a local specialist for the repair and maintenance of aircraft engines.

  • Tore Øian, DEA Wintershall & Vidar Strand, Baker Hughes, SPE IADC 2021

The IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition was to be held in Stavanger in 2021 (postponed due to covid). The conference together with the exhibition is leading in its field and brings together industry, researchers and leaders in drilling from all over the world. Tore Øian has a Master of Science from the University of Stavanger and extensive experience in drilling, Øian is currently employed as Drilling and Well Completion Manager at Wintershall Dea. Vidar Strand has a Bachelor's degree as a mechanical engineer. Vidar is currently employed as Technology Solutions Centre Manager at Baker Hughes and sits as Section Chair at SPE Stavanger.

  • Dagny Spanne Kjær, Veterinarian, Jæren Small animals clinic & Linda Eriksen AniCura Animal Hospital Stavanger, Nordic Eye Meeting, 2020

Nordic Eye Meeting is an academic conference in ophthalmology, which is about eye disorders in dogs and cats. The conference is rotated annually between the Nordic countries and will come to Stavanger in 2020 with approximately 120 delegates. The driving forces behind bringing the conference to Stavanger are veterinarians Dagny Spanne Kjær (Jæren Small animals clinic) and Linda Eriksen (AniCura Veterinary Hospital Stavanger). They are both licensed ophthalmologists with a special interest in eye diseases and eye surgery in animals. Both have taken further training in hereditary eye diseases in dogs and cats and completed this in 2000 and 1998, respectively. They are both authorised certificate issuers for hereditary eye diseases in dogs and cats.

  • Ann Karin Holmen, University of Stavanger, Public Innovation Conference, 2020

The 5th Innovation in Public Services and Public Policy Conference was organised in January 2020 in collaboration with the University of Stavanger and the newly established national research network for innovation in the public sector - INNOFF. The conference is an important international meeting place for researchers within innovation in the public sector. Ann-Karin Tennås Holmen, from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stavanger, has been the driving force behind bringing this conference to the Stavanger region. The conference was very successful thanks to many good helpers associated with UiS and INNOFF. Ann-Karin Tennås Holmen is a PhD in political science from the University of Bergen (Adm.org) and associate professor in Political Science at the University of Stavanger. Her research field is governance across geographical and institutional boundaries, including democratic governance, organisation and management. Furthermore, regional innovation, governance and management of and in networks, co-management, strategy and policy for innovation at national, regional and local levels as well as municipal innovation processes. She has developed, led and participated in a number of research projects on co-management, management and innovation in the public sector. She leads the research network INNOFF and the research school POLSOC at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stavanger.

  • Therese Elisabet Bondas, University of Stavanger, 6th Nordic Conference of Family Focused Nursing 2-4 June 2020

The 6th Nordic Conference on Family-Focused Nursing was scheduled for 2 - 4 June 2020 at the University of Stavanger. The conference brings together leading researchers, students, professionals and health managers from 15 countries. The conference has previously been organised in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The edition in Stavanger will be the first time the conference is organised in Norway. Terese Elisabet Bondas is a Professor of Health Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Stavanger. She has a Finnish-Swedish education as Doctor in Health Sciences, Licentiate in Health Sciences, and Master in Nursing Science and she is a health nurse. She has previously been employed as a professor at Nord University, Borås University College, Sweden and Åbo Akademi, Finland.

  • Kristin Armstrong-Oma, University of Stavanger, Nordic Bronzeage Symposium, 2021

Nordic Bronze Age Symposium 2021, is organised by the Archaeological Museum at the University of Stavanger. Kristin Armstrong Oma is a professor of archaeology and is currently head of research at the Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger. She has a PhD in archaeology from the University of Southampton and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Oslo in 2013.

  • Astrid Johanne Nyland, UiS & Hege Ingjerd Hollund, UiS, The 13th Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology, 2019

The 13th Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology was organised by the Archaeological Museum at the University of Stavanger, in January 2019. The conference brought together archaeologists and researchers at the Archaeological Museum, to discuss the application of new science-based methods and techniques in archaeology to generate new knowledge about prehistory. Astrid Johanne Nyland is an Associate Professor at the Archaeological Museum, University of Stavanger. She has a PhD from the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at UiO, and is now researching social development in the Stone Age. Project manager of the research project "Life After the Storegga Tsunami (LAST)". Hege Ingjerd Hollund is a researcher at the Archaeological Museum, University of Stavanger. She has a PhD from the Vrije University in Amsterdam and is now researching conservation issues related to archaeological skeletal collections. Project manager of the research project "Future Preservation of past life: A multidisciplinary investigation into Preservation of ancient biological remains from medieval cemeteries (FUTURE PAST)."

  • Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen, University of Stavanger, International Symposium on Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Cables, 2020

International Symposium on Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Cables was scheduled to be at the University of Stavanger, 17-18. September 2020. The symposium deals with various types of cable oscillations, in particular bridges, power lines, bar-dunned masts, marine and other constructions. The purpose is to increase detailed knowledge about the causes of various types of fluctuations and related cable damage and to develop measures to prevent fluctuations. The head of the organising committee, Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen has been the driving force behind bringing the symposium to Stavanger. She is a professor of construction engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Stavanger. Her research area includes structural dynamics and wind load on structures, particularly on long bridges.

  • Arild Austigård, Chairman Sola Gymnastics & Anita Horpestad Brede, Project Manager, NM TeamGym Juniorer 2020

Arild Austigard is chairman of Sola Turn, a very committed and positive chairman who is helping to facilitate the club to be able to organise this great event! Sola Turn is Sola Municipality's largest sports team with approximately 1,350 members aged 1 to 90 years. The club offers various training options, they have 2 competition branches: Team gymnastics and RG, in addition, we have several broad offers such as toddler parties, parkour, Gym X, Yoga, Adult gymnastics, Turn/dance, Show dance, somersault and more. We also arrange para tours approx. once per month. In May 2019, the club opened its new main hall, FjogstadHus-Turnarena, which has given the club completely new conditions for all parties. The new arena has also given the club several other opportunities, where, among other things, the club will now organise an NM team gym for juniors (13-18 years) on 28-29 November 2020. Anita Horpestad Brede is the event manager and project manager for NM Teamgym Juniors 2020. NM Teamgym at Sola is led by Anita Horpestad Brede in close collaboration with Terje Hopen, Silje Broadhurst and Tony Machin. Anita is a very enterprising lady who has steel control over everything from A to Z and who, together with the team, will ensure that we will arrange one of the very best NM team gyms that have ever been! It is the first time in recent times that the club will host such a large and important event. We expect approx. 500 visiting performers/managers for this event.

  • Hanne Kvitær, Norwegian Deaf Association/Stavanger Deaf Association, Nordic Deaf Culture Festival, 2022

The Nordic Deaf Cultural Festival is organised every four years, and in 2022 the festival will be added to Stavanger. The initiator of the Nordic Deaf Cultural Festival is Hanne Kvitvær, general manager of the Norwegian Association of the Deaf in Stavanger. Hanne was a board member of the World Federation of the Deaf for 16 years and was recognized as an honorary member when she left in June 2019.

  • Christian Berge, Avinor, European Controllers Golf Championship, 2021

Christian Berge is an air traffic controller at Avinor and works daily in Norway ACC (Stavanger), the business area responsible for en-route traffic in Norwegian airspace. Christian is head of the event committee for ECGC 2021 and has colleagues Per Lunder, Olav Aadal and Tom-Snorre Skaret on the team. Avinor FS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avinor. The company has three business areas: tower service at airports, en route service for traffic in Norwegian airspace and technology services for technical infrastructure. ECGC is an annual golf tournament for air traffic controllers and other personnel in the air traffic control service. The tournament started in 1988 as a friendly match between London and Maastricht and has later developed into an event with up to 250 participants from Iceland/Norway/Finland in the north to Spain/Portugal/Italy in the south. On the team locally, Christian and the team have got Stavanger Golfclub, Sola Golfclub and Clarion Hotel Energy, as well as Region Stavanger. The tournament was to be held in Stavanger in the first week of June 2021.