Barnas Rogaland – Fjords 4 Families

Barnas Rogaland, Fjords 4 Families, is a destination project owned by Kongeparken, the Archaeological Museum, Jærmuseet and the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, with several other partners involved.

The website has witnessed significant growth in recent years, with considerable page views and bookings. The project has also seen an increased response both in social channels and through digital marketing. The magazine, which is printed in over 100,000 copies, consists of 60 pages and presents over 50 family attractions and numerous free activities in Rogaland. The magazine is distributed to households in the counties Vestland, Agder and Rogaland, as well as to all tourist information offices, shopping centres and hotels in the region, to Stavanger Airport Sola, and further in digital platforms.

The 2023's edition of the magazine

Hub hiking in the Stavanger region

Even after the pandemic, tour operators' guests are still keen on "safe with space". Trends from several countries stated that: When we get to travel again, we want to stay longer in one place, preferably drive our own car, and take part in outdoor experiences, especially adventurous ones. With this in mind, we produced the hub hiking brochure: Stay in one place and take different hikes! We have compiled 19 hikes in three hubs in the region, Egersund, Sokndal, Sandnes, Stavanger and Ryfylke. The tours have different levels of difficulty. The brochure is available digitally in English and Norwegian.

The hub hiking brochure