Here are questions and answers to some of the most common questions about our organisation.

How much does it cost to become a member and what do I get in return?

Answer: There are different price categories, depending on what type of organisation you are, how big your company is, etc. Get in touch to get customised pricing for your company and see what you get in return in our list of member benefits

I'm not a member but would like to be listed on your website. Is that possible?

Answer: No, unfortunately, this is not possible. We only list and promote our corporate members and member municipalities on the website. It is not possible to buy an advert if you are not a member. 

I am not a member but would like you to promote my business on social media. Is that possible?

Answer: No, unfortunately this is not possible. We only promote content from our website, members and municipalities in our social media channels. 

I am not a member and would like to leave brochures or promotional material at your tourist offices, is that possible?

Answer: No, unfortunately this is an exclusive member benefit.

I'm not a member, why don't you recommend my company to tourists and other interested parties?

Answer: We are committed to only recommending our members, as this is one of the benefits of being a member. 

I am not a member but would like to be included in your tourist brochures/maps. Is that possible?

Answer: Yes, it is possible, but it is an advantage to become a member first, as members receive discounted rates on adverts and listings. 

Are you publicly run?

Answer: No, we are a privately run member organisation. Some of our member municipalities make additional financial contributions, exclusively to the operation of the tourist information offices in the municipalities concerned.   

What type of organisation are you?

Answer: The organisation is a joint sales and marketing body for companies, municipalities and organisations with interests related to the tourism industry and marketing of the region. The organisation works for the healthy development of the tourism industry by gathering and coordinating efforts and interests to ensure increased employment and value creation. The purpose of the organisation is to carry out marketing activities on behalf of municipalities and the tourism industry. The company is a non-profit organisation. The company shall market the region as a destination in connection with the course, conference and congress market, the holiday and leisure market and contribute to the overall profiling of the Stavanger region as a place to live and work. The company is responsible for the tourist information function in the municipalities that have an agreement on this and coordinates the tourist information role in the region. The company also acts as a driving force for activities and processes that are important for the tourism industry. The organisation represents the regional tourism industry in relevant local, national and international forums.

The organisation's areas of work are as follows:

  • Marketing and sales related to the MICE market (Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, Exhibitions).
  • Marketing and sales related to event tourism
  • Marketing and sales related to the holiday, cruise and leisure market
  • Hosting functions, including press visits and excursions
  • Tourist information (hosting role for some municipalities)
  • Promote processes, products and activities that are positive for the tourism industry and the municipalities.
  • Act as an organisation that represents the common interests of the tourism industry and the municipalities. 
  • Contribute to a holistic approach to profiling the Stavanger region as a place to visit, live and work.

How many members do you have?

Answer: Region Stavanger has around 200 members, including 14 municipalities. 

What is included in the membership, and what is not included?

Answer: To see what is included in the membership, take a look at the member benefits. What is not included is visibility and adverts in our productions such as magazines and maps. However, these productions have a discounted price for Region Stavanger members.

Can you help with funding? I am planning to start a new business. 

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot help with financing. The funds we receive from membership fees must go towards profiling members and municipalities, as well as running the organisation and the tourist information offices. As we are a non-profit organisation, we should not build up any capital and will therefore not have any funds at our disposal. You can try the following companies for business start-up assistance: Validé and Skape