To earn the Eco-Lighthouse certification, organisations must demonstrate their commitment to several key principles, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and responsible resource management. This involves implementing green initiatives, such as recycling programs, energy-saving measures, and environmentally responsible purchasing practices.

Region Stavanger's measures in relation to Eco-Lighthouse

  • Eco-Lighthouse programmes implemented
    • Weighing of non-recyclable waste as well as paper waste
    • Less purchasing and material use
    • Our offices have motion-controlled light sensors and lights turn off automatically
    • Several employees have electric cars
    • Region Stavanger is part of the HjemJobbHjem mobility scheme aimed at the corporate market in Nord-Jæren where the goal is to reduce car traffic in urban areas by facilitating that more people choose to walk, cycle or travel by public transport to and from work.
    • We have a new joint strategy for our organisation and sustainability is one of our objectives in the work we do. Sustainability in tourism also means year-round tourism and value creation from visitors travelling in our region. We work purposefully to highlight green travel options in our channels in both B2C marketing and B2B work towards tour operators and congress organisers. We were involved in creating a tolerance limit analysis for cruise visits together with Stavanger municipality and the Port of Stavanger. Campaign work had several themes that highlighted sustainable alternatives in our region.