Mini golf and bar in the centre of Stavanger

At Stavanger Camping, the conditions are certainly favourable for having fun together. Since the very beginning, the site has been a popular choice for people hungry for mini golf and Viennese toast. Are you going on a Tinder date or meeting a friend? Mini golf courses, a camping atmosphere, popcorn and slush - all a perfect ice breaker to avoid awkwardness and anxiety. If you feel like celebrating your victory (or drowning your defeat), the bar is never far away. Neither are the karaoke rooms, for those who prefer to swing the microphone. At Camping, you'll find groups of friends, businesses, mini golfers, dancers and beavers all in perfect harmony. Welcome to Norway's most fun campsite!

Camping, but not camping

NB! It's called "Camping" because campsites are where tourists usually play minigolf. But what was intended as a funny name for a bar naturally creates some misunderstandings, and every year the bar is visited by camping tourists who have come to the wrong place. Some from as far away as Germany. To all of you, the establishment apologises in advance!