Tourism is in the wind like never before, and it’s positive to see that our guests are returning in full force, and we are experiencing good growth so far in 2024.

Vardberg Whisky Experience to open.

A myriad of new activities and services in the Stavanger region

We’re delighted to report a number of good new offers and services this year. Some are brand new start-ups, while others are operators with long experience in their fields, but are new members of the Edge of Norway tourism family! Here’s everything you need to know about new products and services for 2024!

Vardberg Whisky Experience

Berentsens Brygghus has opened the Vardberg Whisky Experience Centre on 26 April 2024 and will offer unique experiences including Norwegian-produced beverages.

Chili Chocolate with Chocolate experience

Create your own chocolate troll with Chili Chocolate. Learn more about how chocolate is made and create your own chocolate troll with your family.

Anne og Jo Arild Tønnessen Foto Helge Eek, Sandalen Gård
Anne and Jo Arild Tønnessen are apple enthusiasts. Photo: Helge Eek, Sandalen Gård

Sandalen Gård

Sandalen Gård is Randaberg’s first fruit farm. The farm has over 5,500 apple trees, as well as some opal plum trees and gooseberry bushes. They offer a farm shop, and additionally, you can book a visit to experience and taste their cider.

Tou in Stavanger East

Tou is one of the country’s largest independent cultural institutions, established in 2001. It is located in the old brewery premises of Tou Bryggerier in Stavanger East. Party with a clear conscience! Tou is known as an arts and culture centre that organises music experiences, performing arts, food and festival concepts.

Ogna Scene

Experience cultural magic at Ogna Scene, where art and talent meet in a unique atmosphere. Ogna Scene is a cultural stage where music, poetry, dance and fantasy in various forms and formats are performed. The aim is to create a place where the audience can meet performers, both well-established and less-established. A versatile and bold organiser, it hosts everything from lectures, concerts, quizzes, history evenings, beer tastings, book reading nights, game nights and flea markets, to name but a few.

Stavanger Camping: Mini-golf and bar in Stavanger

If you’re hungry for mini-golf and Viennese toast, welcome to Camping: Minigolf and bar – right in the city centre! They also have karaoke for those who like to sing at the top of their lungs, and don’t forget – they have perhaps the city’s most beautiful roof terrace, overlooking Vågen.

Ogna Camping

Ogna Camping is a year-round campsite in an idyllic location on Norway’s longest and most impressive sandy beach. Brusand stretches over three kilometres! Here you’ll also find a unique sand dune landscape, rivers and Norway’s only natural lagoon. Guests can come here by motorhome, or tent or stay in one of the 12 cabins. Beach life is marvellous along the edge of Norway!

Seid Restaurant

Stavanger’s new restaurant addition on the top floor of the new K8 high-rise building. Here you can enjoy grilled food and cocktail drinks with perhaps the city’s best view. Seid is a barbecue restaurant and cocktail bar that got off to a flying start after opening on 21 March.

Café ilo

Café ilo is located on the first floor of the K8 building, adjacent to the main entrance and foyer. Here you’ll find a beautiful café with a metropolitan feel and healthy dishes from all corners of the world. The café will be a place for work lunches, and friend lunches, but also a meal or drinks after work.

Behind both Cafe ilo and Seid, you’ll find the two dedicated men – Karl Erik Pallesen, a native of the island of Kvitsøy, and Siggi Ragnarsson, an Icelandic Viking.

At Sirdal Huskyfarm by the tee-pee cabins. Photo: Fabel Media/Region Stavanger/Edge of Norway

Tee-pee cabins in Sirdal

In Sirdal, guests can now sleep in tee-pee cabins by the river close to Sirdal Huskyfarm. Imagine falling asleep to the soothing sound of rushing mountain water. A visit to Sirdal Huskyfarm’s dog kennels is also included in your stay.

Brasserie Pigalle

Brasserie Pigalle offers a true dining experience in the heart of Stavanger. Here, guests enter an atmosphere that is as inviting as the food itself. The brasserie is the food concept of the Hotel Victoria in beautiful, historical premises. Great space and great food craftsmanship!

Get Guided Norway

Get Guided Norway are nature enthusiasts and offer a range of outdoor experiences and local knowledge. With mountain lovers Teodor and Aleksander, guests can immerse themselves in the wild Norwegian landscape, or have an authentic local experience customised for them.

Blåveis record bar in Stavanger

Blåveis record bar and stage in Stavanger

Blåveis is a pub and record bar in the heart of Stavanger: Two bars, two levels, stage, record shop and outdoor seating. In the café during the day, guests can get light refreshments. In the evenings, it’s more of a bar concept with cider and cocktails as well as concerts and live music.

En tallerken med mat
A plate of food. Nyyyt has local produce for sale in its meat shop.

Nyyyt at Røysland Gard in Vikeså

Nyyyt is a unique meat shop and restaurant that celebrates sustainability and local produce, from farm to table. At the farm, they have a meat shop with a varied selection of premium products, including Wagyu, dry-aged meat and a whole range of proprietary sous vide products. They also offer an 8-course menu on long tables in the meat shop for groups.

Stavanger Adventure

Based in Stavanger, Stavanger Adventure offers private, guided tours and is perfectly placed to take guests to magical places. How about a guided hike to Reinaknuten? Or Ramnstoknuten for that matter. There are several tours available.

Via Ferrata Gloppedalsura

Via Ferrata Gloppedalsura was introduced in 2023. Here, guests can enjoy an exciting climbing experience in Northern Europe’s largest rock wall. The offer is provided by Magma Geopark.

Exhibitions at Jøssingfjord Science Museum

Jøssingfjord Science Museum opened in 2023, but it is only this year that the exhibitions at the museum will open. The exhibitions will be in place for the opening on 21 June at 15:00. Then there will be an opening party for everyone who wants to attend. During the summer season, the museum will be open from 10:00 to 17:00 every day, including Saturday and Sunday. The exhibitions will have the following themes:

  • People – Nature – Technology
  • The geology of Dalane/Flekkefjord with an emphasis on mining
  • The history of Jøssingfjord from settlement under Helleren to industrial realisation, including war events in the area
  • The documentary Jakten på Altmark (the quest for Altmark) can be seen in the auditorium
Amphibiome. Photo: I Do Art Agency

The Amphibiome artwork in Jøssingfjord

With the art project Amphibiome, the artist duo Studio ThinkingHand invites you on a journey down to the seabed off Sokndal and Eigersund municipality.

Engøyholmen Coastal Culture Centre.

Engøyholmen Coastal Culture Centre

Engøyholmen Coastal Culture Centre is located on two islets in Stavanger’s harbour basin. Here you’ll find old boathouses, veteran vessels and a number of smaller boats that represent different aspects of our maritime history. Engøyholmen Coastal Culture Centre is a centre of excellence for communicating coastal culture in the region. This year, they are offering boat trips for guests to Natvigs Minde, which are sold from the tourist information centre in Stavanger.

Ryfylketurer AS

Ryfylketurer AS offers boat trips to Stavanger’s city islands. This is an exclusive cruise around Stavanger’s idyllic archipelago in the beautiful vintage boat M/Y Amica. Here, guests can enjoy the good life on board their very own private yacht. The captain takes guests around to islands and hidden gems, places that can only be visited by boat. Tours are in season from May to September and are sold at the tourist information centre in Stavanger.

Will work for food by Pøbel. Photo: Experience Jæren

Pøbel at Jæren

Opplev Jæren has created Pøbel safari at Jæren, which we launched on our website recently in the article Explore street art by Pøbel at Jæren. Guests can go on safari in 17 of Pøbel’s works of art on Jæren. Examples of works included are the world-famous corona art The Lovers in a railway underpass or the mural by Erling Braut Haaland in Bryne. Pøbel’s work includes paintings, photos, sculptures, site development and site-specific projects.

Travel suggestions in the footsteps of Jæren painters

Opplev Jæren has also created suggestions for tours where guests can experience the places the Jæren painters turned into art. In the article Experience Jæren as the Jæren painters came to know the region, guests are invited to take a tour of the Jæren landscape that the Jæren painters turned into art.

Go Ahead Linjelangs

Linjelangs is a new offer from Go Ahead Nordic in collaboration with Renaa and Lifesound that gives groups the opportunity to hire an entire train carriage on the routes between Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger. The packages include catering from Sirkus Renaa and entertainment from Lifesound. This gives groups the opportunity to travel green while experiencing something extra professionally and culturally. Book here:

Pedersgata. Photo: Pedersgata Utvikling

Pedersgata – Norway’s food street

Pedersgata Utvikling recently became a member of Region Stavanger. They work to develop Pedersgata as a food street and destination. No other street in Stavanger links past and present in such an exciting way as Pedersgata. What was once the city’s poor working-class neighbourhood has now become the city’s leading destination for food lovers.


BookSauna offers eight saunas in BookSauna’s saunas are designed and built from sustainable materials with the environment in focus. Some of the saunas are available here.

Boretunet: From accommodation and surfing to even more

In recent years, Boretunet has expanded its offering to include accommodation, activities, courses and conferences with food and drink for up to 150 people! They offer fixed packages or they customise the whole experience.

Voice of Norway

MF Design will develop Voice of Norway’s audio guides in the Stavanger region and in this connection they have become a member of Region Stavanger. Read more about the audio guide here.

Peppes Pizza and Kaffehuset

New members in Region Stavanger offer pizza at Peppes Pizza or coffee, tea and fine accessories at Kaffehuset in Stavanger. Perfect offers for guests. It’s already incredibly popular for the British to buy teacups and accessories in the small shop in Østervåg.

Kaffehuset – everything in tea and coffee. Photo: Kaffehuset

Sandnes Taxi

Sandnes Taxi is looking forward to being the guests’ guide in the Stavanger region. Tourists can explore local culture, attractions and beautiful landscapes. Sandnes Taxi is looking at fixed prices to certain attractions to make the experience seamless and predictable for guests.