Create a better experience and add value with the Voice Of Norway (VON) SMART GUIDE

VON was created to give new, better and more content-rich experiences to residents, visitors and tourists from all over the world. Via their mobile phones and earbuds, every target group can be offered exciting, fascinating and educational stories on a range of topics, regions, physical locations, buildings and objects. The app works indoors and outdoors, on land, on lakes and at sea.

The experts at take care of all the technical details regarding content production and dissemination.

The customer/end-user selects the trip or route, which automatically activates the adjustable GPS points, ensuring that people hear the right story in the right place, at the right time and in the language they want. The app includes maps with GPS points, text, photos, audio stories and options for videos, links etc. It also has options for quizzes, VR/AR (holograms), large screen / quiet screen and a range of payment options.

Visit the website for more information about the Smart Guide and services