Thrilling Viking adventure with a touch of authenticity

Day 1

Viking kick-off in the heart of Stavanger city at Viking House. The first step into the Viking adventure starts here: Climb on board the Viking ship and join the adventure as we travel back in time and experience. Hear and experience, through VR-technology, the great sagas about ' Harald Fairhair', Norway's first king and the famous battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 where Norway became united into one kingdom.

We fill up our horns with “mjød” before continuing the Viking journey on foot. What better way to discover Stavanger than to go on a local tasting adventure! “Beer and Bacalao” is a guided culinary walk where you will experience the city’s culture and enjoy delicious specialitiesfrom the Norwegian cuisine with roots back to the Viking Age.

Get ready to challenge your team members for a Viking raid on rib-boats. Riding the waves into Lysefjorden, we stop for a Viking feast at the fjord restaurant, Helleren. Get ready to meet the real Viking of Fjord Norway.


Day 2

Option 1:

Horseback-riding on the Icelandic horse through beautiful Norwegian scenery.

Option 2:

Trolljegerprøven. Discover your inner Viking through Trolljegerprøven! Find out if you are a true Viking warrior or a “skjoldmø” (Viking female warrior) through this rite of passage. Trolljegerprøven is Norway's most challenging obstacle race. You run through forests and fields with several hurdles waiting for you in the raw, Norwegian nature. Run alone, or in teams. Lunch in a local restaurant in Sandnes

The prehistoric village Landa. Popular entertainment might be a struggle demonstration from "Vikings" or flame blowing.Thehosts will take you on a historical journey back to the Bronze Age (about 1500 f.Kr). Fireplaces are lit up and the slaves of the village will offer you beer. You will hear stories about the first people from Rogaland and forwards to the Viking Age. At Landayou will experience history and exciting food experiences such as food cooked in a cooking pit outside. The main specialty is lamb in a cooking pit. Teambuilding activities at Landawill be measuring both strength, patience and teamwork. Examples of activities might be sledgehammer throwing, running in the everlasting spiral, tug of war or balancing.


Day 3

After two energetic days of Viking raids and battles, you start of with a more educational visit to the Iron Age farm. This is the perfect place to end your Viking adventure. On your way to the Iron Age farm, make sure to pass the Swords in Rock. After a tour of the museum premises you can enjoy a Viking inspired lunch: Soup made of Jerusalem artichokes.