If you want a very special experience, Sabi Sushi Omakase offers just this. Sabi Omakase received its first star in Guide MICHELIN in 2017.

It was the second MICHELIN restaurant in Stavanger and the first sushi restaurant in Norway to be awarded a star. Sabi Omakase has kept the star every year since this in Guide MICHELIN.

Sabi Omakase - Norway's most exclusive sushi restaurant

A few hundred metres outside Stavanger city centre, on the eastern edge of the city, "Oyakata" sushi master Roger Asakil Joya and the other founders of the Sabi Sushi chain run perhaps Norway's most exclusive sushi restaurant. The restaurant has room for 10 guests. You sit around the bar and watch Asakil Joya make sushi at breakneck speed. Here, guests are always served the best ingredients the sushi master has obtained. Here they serve sushi in a way that has never been done before in Norway.

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