The concert hall is also an attractive facility for meetings, galas and other gatherings. The concert hall is only a 10-minute walk from the city centre, just by the waterfront. The Stavanger Concert Hall includes three large concert arenas of exceptional standard as well as smaller arenas of music. The Concert Hall contains two large halls with changing rooms, rehearsal rooms for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, a foyer with restaurant, café and bar with breathtaking views, and an outdoor theatre for larger concerts. The two halls are specially designed for different musical expressions and genres. Both halls have adjustable acoustics. The construction has made it possible to have a symphony concert in one hall and a rock concert in the other - at the very same time! The foyer is common for both halls. 


The multi-use hall has great flexibility. It can easily be adjusted to various types of concerts and shows. The main goal is to create a main arena for rock and musical theatre. This concert hall may also present opera. It can easily be changed from an amphi theatre to a flat hall, or adjusted to become an arena or a catwalk. It may fit both a small and a large orchestra. Can also be used for conferences. Capacity: 800/1,900 pax                

Fartein Valen

The orchestra hall is intimate and grand at the same time! Adapted to large symphony orchestras and small chamber orchestras. The volume of this concert hall may be changed according to the size of the orchestra. The maximum capacity is 1,500 seats, including regular seating, three galleries on the sides and three balconies at the back of the arena. The volume and acoustics are changed by adjusting the ceiling, giving world-class acoustics. Capacity: 1,500 pax

The Organ was built by Ryde and Berg in Norway and has 4554 pipes. It is unique in Norway as it is designed to play with a symphony orchestra.

The Bjergsted Concert Hall - Kuppelhallen

This concert hall is the traditional concert hall situated in Bjergsted Park, and familiar to most locals since 1982. This is where the audience meets internationally renowned artists as well as local talents. As well as a broad range of concerts and performances, both musicals, shows, classical ballet and modern dance are set up in this hall. Capacity: 1,041 pax.