Via Ferrata is a climbing route along a mountainside in the Jøssingfjord, named Migaren after the waterfall you need to cross on the route. You climb the route via bolts and anchors in the mountain. Via Ferrata means walking on iron - a term commonly used for these types of climbs in other countries as well.

Book in advance

Via Ferrata Migaren gives you an airy and unique view of the Jøssingfjord. You can book both climbing and climbing equipment from Jøssingfjord Vitenmuseum.

  • Climbing with your own equipment: price NOK 100 per person
  • Climbing and equipment: price NOK 300 per person

The climbing area is steep and high but with a relatively easy level of difficulty. In any case, a climbing license/ Brattkort (national certification standard issued by the Norwegian Climbing Federation) card is recommended.

Book: Bess Grastveit; or via mobile: +47 91847020.