Experience the magic of the fjord with Rødne

Welcome aboard on a fjord cruise to Lysefjorden - your gateway to a fantastic adventure through majestic fjords and historic sites. This 3-3.5 hour fjord cruise is tailor-made for both young and old and promises unforgettable experiences along the way.

Explore Fantahålå: The hiding place for vagabonds

Get acquainted with Fantahålå, or the Vagabond's Cave, a place where the vagabonds once hid from the sheriff in the old days. Let your imagination run wild as you imagine the exciting stories hidden in these ancient mountains.

Tom Cruise's stunt at Preikestolen

Get ready for a visual feast when you spot Preikestolen, the iconic mountain plateau where Tom Cruise performed incredible stunts in the film Mission Impossible 6. Take in the spectacular views and feel the adrenaline pumping as you imagine yourself as an action hero in the film

Hengjanefossen waterfall: Mighty and refreshing

Travel on to the mighty Hengjanefossen waterfall, where the power of nature manifests itself in an impressive wall of water. Be prepared to be surprised, and maybe even get a delightful water shower on your face - a refreshing experience you won't soon forget.

Sun-hungry seals on the rock

Be enchanted by the beauty of nature while you might be lucky enough to spot seals resting and sunbathing on the rocky shore.

Comfort on board the boat

MS Rygerelektra gives you the perfect platform to enjoy this unique journey. With large sun decks, a beautiful lounge with panoramic windows and an inviting kiosk, your comfort is their priority. Savour fresh, locally sourced baked goods from a local bakery, enjoy snacks and choose from a selection of hot and cold drinks.

Eco-friendly fjord cruise with Rødne

Rødne proudly offers an eco-friendly fjord cruise experience. MS Rygerelektra is an electric boat that respects nature. Rødne's wish is to provide travellers from all over the world with a top-quality sustainable fjord experience, and they hope you will join them on this exciting journey through the beautiful Lysefjord.

Please note that changes in boats may occur, but the promise of an unforgettable experience remains unchanged. Welcome to a fjord cruise to the Lysefjord - your ticket to fjord magic!