Visit some of the most famous places in the Lysefjord such as Preikestolen, the Kjerag boulder and Flørli. Perhaps you will also discover some new treasures. Explore idyllic coastal and island communities with history from the Viking Age. Treat yourself to absolute comfort on board the luxury yacht, with delicious food and wonderful scenery. See a film from a cruise.

The Lysefjord, Preikestolen and Kjerag

The first day is spent in the spectacular Lysefjord, where you will see the famous Preikestolen, taste fresh water from the waterfalls and experience several beautiful places. You also get to see the mountain Kjerag from a fjord perspective; Lysefjorden's crown jewel - a 1,000-meter vertical mountain wall known for intrepid base jumpers and not least the Kjerag boulder. Another unique place you will see is Flørli, where you will find the world's longest wooden staircase. Enjoy a walk around the area and test your endurance up the stairs. After lunch on board, the captain cruises onto a beautiful lagoon at Helleren or a private jetty and drops anchor for the night.

From fjord to island bliss

After you have treated yourself to spectacular views in the Lysefjord, the cruise continues to the coastal communities and idyllic islands with history from the Viking Age and earlier. The name of the place you get to visit is Sjernarøy and the small family hotel near Ramsvig, where you can taste local delicacies in their summer restaurant in idyllic surroundings. Ramsvig is located on the beautiful "church island; Kyrkjøy". A local family has restored the former trading post into a romantic, small seaside hotel with an exquisite restaurant. After having enjoyed the island, the captain takes you to the charming Jøsenfjord, rich in both history and natural beauty.

Activities upon request

From the Lysefjord

  • Hike to Preikestolen/Pulpit Rock
    Hiking with a professional tour guide incl. transport with a car from Forsand in Lysefjord and back to the yacht.
    Estimated time 6 hrs
  • Helicopter tour
    A 30-minute flight to see the amazing Lysefjord from a bird's eye view. Take off and return to Flørli Powerstation.
    Estimated time 45 minutes
  • Bike rental
    You can choose between electrical bikes or traditional bikes if you want some more exercise. Explore by yourself, or with a guide.
    Estimated time 3hrs or more
  • Hike to Kjerag Boulder
    Hiking with a professional tour guide incl. transport with a car from Lysebotn in Lysefjord and back to the yacht.
    Estimated time 7-8 hrs