On set dates, Restaurant Nyyyt in Bjerkreim invites you to an evening with the area's best local produce.

From farm to fork

They set up a long table in the Røysland Gaard meat shop and serve a great 8-course meat menu made from good local produce - complemented by a fantastic wine package put together by their sommelier. They want to showcase themselves from farm to fork, and their direct contact with the farmer who supplies the animals allows them to guarantee the best quality and support the local community. They carefully select suppliers in the local area who share their passion and respect for quality products.

Only local produce from Rogaland

They offer the best meat from Røysland Gaard, including Norwegian Wagyu from Kjell-Ivar. They emphasise the environment and sustainability, which is why all the ingredients in the menus are locally sourced from the region. It's essential for them to have a common thread in everything they do, and by using local suppliers with a great passion for their products, they ensure quality at every stage.

Book a private party or attend on fixed dates set up

Keep an eye on their website or social media for dates you can sign up for. You can also book the restaurant for private parties and events. Contact Nyyyt by email.