Embark on this rewarding hike to Pilå (the arrow) viewpoint in Rennesøy. The trail starts in Vikevåg and you can choose between a tractor road or a more adventurous rugged terrain. Vikstemmen (a charming small lake) offers a perfect break spot.

Pilå hike description

About a 40-minute drive from the pick-up point in Stavanger, you reach the parking. Once at the hike's starting point, the guide conducts an equipment check, making any necessary adjustments. Following this, a short safety briefing is provided, covering trail information, expected conditions, and useful hiking tips before embarking on today's exciting adventure!

Uphill path, yet not a long hike

This hike, though not particularly long, involves climbing a few meters over a relatively short distance. As is common with many uphill trails, this route includes some uphill sections. However, it's entirely manageable, and you'll find it rewarding. The ultimate goal of this hike is "Pilå," a renowned viewpoint in Rennesøy. The origin of this name remains a mystery, but the pictures may provide some clues. Before reaching Pilå, you can enjoy a break at the beautiful lake, Vikstemmen.

The hike starts in Vikevåg

Starting in Vikevåg, the hike begins with a brief walk through the residential area of Paradis on an asphalt road. Leaving the asphalt, you'll divert onto a tractor road, introducing you to the serene surroundings. This path guides you until you reach a large gate, marking your entry into the terrain.

Reaching the lake Vikstemmen

Once you reach Vikstemmen, you'll reconnect with the tractor road for those who prefer to take this route all the way. Vikstemmen, situated at the top of the page, is not a particularly large body of water, but there's a path encircling it for those interested. Here is a great place for a well-deserved break at the designated resting area. Historically, Vikestemmen served as a reservoir for two local mills in Vik, a quaint village with a rich history. As you're aiming for the destination Pilå (The Arrow), you move on after the break.

The final part of the hike to the top

The final leg of the hike, from Vikestemmen to the top plateau, entails walking uphill on a steep, easy going and grassy terrain. The top viewpoint offers a stunning panorama, allowing you to gaze upon the city, the entire fjord stretching towards the island of Kvitsøy and the Boknafjord, and most of islands of Rennesøy and the Ryfylke area. Rennesøyhodnet (another of the hikes possible) is also distinctly visible.

Windy conditions in the open landscape

Expect windy conditions during your adventure, particularly in this open landscape where strong winds are common. At the very top, a professional telescope has been set up, offering excellent opportunities to study the scenery in greater detail. The Pilå summit also contains several ancient burial mounds dating back to the Iron Age. A plaque at the top provides insights into their history.

Two return options possible

Going back down, we have two options. If you prefer a more leisurely and less challenging descent, you can choose to follow the tractor road. This route leads you along a well-maintained gravel path that offers excellent stability underfoot. The tractor road gently winds down the terrain, making it a favourable choice for those who want a more relaxed way to return. While it may take a bit longer than the direct descent, it provides a pleasant journey with less steep terrain.

Alternatively, you can choose to retrace your steps and descend along the same path you took on the way up. This option is particularly convenient if you want to enjoy the trail's highlights once again or if you prefer the familiarity of the path you already hiked. It also allows you to appreciate the scenery from a different perspective as you descend.