On 26 May, the Stavanger Hiking Association (STF) to their yearly 7-summit hike in Sandnes. You can also choose to customise the tour and walk 3 hills! A stone with a letter and the logo of one of their great partners is placed on each nut. All the letters together will make up a solution word. Fill in the start card available at the start and you'll be entered into the prize draw. There will also be a photo competition on Instagram. You can do the hike whenever you want between 26 May and 1 September.

Practical information

The 7-summit hike covers the following peaks: Mattirudlå, Bjørndalsfjellet, Fjogstadnuten, Skjørestadfjellet, Dalsnuten, Øvre Eikenuten and Vassfjellet! The 3-summit hike takes you to Mattirudlå, Bjørndalsfjellet and Vassfjellet.

Remember good footwear and enough food and water. The hike alternates between narrow paths in the forest, over mountains, along hiking trails, across pastures and through some marshy terrain. The trail profile makes it difficult to set up drinking stations anywhere other than at Gramstad.

The café at Gramstad will be open from 10-16:30.